Confused Rock Legend
and 70s Fashion Guru

Mike's first band was The Cuban Heels, acknowledged in the mid-sixties as one of the top combos in South East Berkshire. "Musical differences" led to their break-up, and Mike went solo in 1969.

Mike's last live appearance at that time was at the 1971 Totnes and Minehead Free Festival where his performance art piece Looking Through My Third Eye was movingly described by Tristram Voletrouser of The Guardian as "one of the best pieces of nude hippy mud-dancing ever seen in the UK".

Mike then retired to his pad in Notting Hill Gate to work on his solo album Everybody Should, Like, Live in Peace and Harmony, Man, a major concept album with some songs featuring over 30 Mellotron tracks.

Mike claims there has been an industry conspiracy against him, as all his seminal late 60s albums have been mysteriously deleted, some even before they were recorded. Fortunately, his concept album remains unfinished.

Mike is managed by 'Greasy' Doug Vanilla, a well-known East End philanthrophist, who also specialises in the importation of foreign chemicals and the provision of relaxation services to rich businessmen.

Doug noticed a couple of years ago that all the kids were wearing flares, so brought Mike out of retirement.

Mike and his band The Permissive Society instantly became "the top draw on the College circuit" (Radio 1 Newsbeat), and now play to ecstatic audiences and great critical acclaim in venues all over the UK in the theatre show Freak Out!

Years 'relaxing' at home has taken its toll, however, and Mike is now convinced he wrote all the classic hits featured in his live set, and that the David Bowie look-alike Jean Genie, his co-star in Freak Out!, is the original Ziggy Stardust.

Mike is delighted at his new success and looks forward to television appearances on The Simon Dee Show and that new programme The Old Grey Whistle Test.


If You Ever Meet Mike......

Mike is very confused and still thinks it is 1975, so go easy on him. Do not mention that various of his friends (Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Marc Bolan...) have passed away, as this will freak him out. Please do not touch his clothes, and don't let him wander about on his own.
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