Why Mike Fab-Gere ?

Picture of Mike
Confused rock legend and 70s Fashion Guru Mike Fab-Gere has been "the top draw on the college circuit" (BBC Radio 1) since 1991.

Freak Out!, his theatre show, played to ecstatic audiences in the West End and No.1 theatres around the country to received rave reviews.

Mike Fab-Gere is also one of the most popular corporate bands in the country.

Clients include:
American Express, Arthur Andersen British Airways, Cellnet, Dell, Digital, Intel, The Irish Guards, Microsoft, Oracle, Novell, Peugeot, Prudential, Thames Television, United Artists Unique Broadcasting, and Virgin Radio.

Over 500,000 people have already seen him play!

His shows attract significant commercial sponsorship from Sol Beer, Durex, Swan Vesta, Wilkinson Sword and, most recently, Red Bull.

Mike Fab-Gere has made many TV appearances including GMTV, This Morning, MTV, London Tonight, VH-1, UK Living in the UK and WDR, MDR and Premiere in Germany.

Mike Fab-Gere has a wide appeal, from those who remember The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and David Bowie from the first time around, to the kids who are also into Oasis and Blur.

Mike Fab-Gere's repertoire includes all these artists and more - rock, disco, soul and even swing! His ten-piece band, with horn section and girl singers, kicks serious bottom!

Booking - The complete package
The Mike Fab-Gere show is flexible and adaptable to any size venue and event theme. Working with our long-standing colleagues Moonlite Productions, we provide quality solutions for every aspect of the conception, planning, development and delivery of the production process. We ensure that the solutions we provide are always cost-effective and delivered within the budgeted targets of the event.

+44 (0)7802 483834 (England)
Send e-mail: mike@mikesouthon.com

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